Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Move It!

Will Gadd is one of Canada's premiere outdoor athletes and one of the world's most versatile.  He is an accomplished climber (both rock and ice), mountaineer, paraglider, and kayaker.  He has won numerous awards, been featured in countless magazines, and is sponsored by dozens of companies.  On top of all that he is a sought after public speaker and pens the column Gadd's Truth in each issue of Explore magazine.  Now you might be wondering why I am telling you all of this or why he is being featured on my blog.  No, I do not know the man nor have I ever met him, but I was recently shown a short video that I feel aligns perfectly with the greater theme of this blog.  Although the video is sponsored by Arc'teryx, a major outdoor clothing and gear company, and features Mr. Gadd doing what he does best, I feel that the message the clip is trying to convey is an important one.  See for yourself...

I had the priviledge of interviewing Will on behalf of the Calgary Guardian.  You can read the full interview in my story titled, Wild Jobs Part Six: Professional Outdoor Athlete.

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