Monday, February 23, 2015

Calgary Is Awesome!

Back in September of 2014 I saw on Twitter that Calgary Is Awesome was looking for an Outdoor Editor.  With all the success of the Wild About Base Camp blog, I thought I'd toss my name into the hat and see what came out of it.  Low and behold, I was the lucky candidate to receive the volunteer position and was immediately tasked with providing outdoor-related content to their ever-expanding blog!

If you're unfamiliar with the Calgary Is Awesome (CIA) campaign, it's basically a team of volunteers that report on anything and everything that make the City of Calgary a pretty great place to live!  The award-winning blog was founded in 2008 and is powered by an army of volunteer editors and contributors.  The blog features engaging local content that you won't find on other news networks.  CIA has also partnered with local companies and organizations who have awesome stories of their own and who want to keep CIA's vision alive!  In addition, CIA is part of the Canada is Awesome initiative, which also includes chapters in Toronto, Vancouver, Squamish, and British Columbia.  

I've really enjoyed my time writing for CIA thus far and have covered a wide variety of topics.  My entire list of work can be found right here, but to be a little more specific I've written about stand up paddleboarding down the Bow River, the semi-annual eagle migration in Kananaskis, searching for that perfect Christmas Tree, skiing and snowboarding in Alberta, training avalanche rescue dogs, birdwatching, and a whole host of other outdoor-specific topics.  I'm hoping to highlight some outdoor-related jobs/careers in the future as well.

In addition to the website, CIA is also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding us!  If you're new to Calgary, or just haven't figured out everything that makes this city an awesome place to live, start following CIA and you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Please note that as of November 2015 I am no longer writing for Calgary Is Awesome.  You can read all of the details right here.  I am now the new Outdoor Editor for the Calgary Guardian.  I hope you follow along on this new and exciting endeavor!

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