Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Spartan Sprint

Event Date: August 2015

I decided to enter the Spartan Race again this year.  I really enjoyed it last year when Rob and I ran together, so I was looking forward to this year's event.  Unfortunately it was raining in Calgary before and during the race, which created extremely muddy conditions.  Not that we wouldn't be getting wet and muddy anyway, but this ultimately slowed progress throughout the course and made the obstacles that much more difficult; read slippery!  This year I ran with Andrea, one of the guys I train with on the weekends at Inliv here in Calgary.  It was nice having someone to rely on for the difficult obstacles and to offer encouragement throughout the race.  

The barbed-wire army crawl
Like last year I entered into the Sprint event, which is 5km with 15+ obstacles.  Many of the obstacles were the same as last year's race, but there were a few new ones, which was a nice change of pace.  If, for whatever reason, you weren't able to complete an obstacle you had to complete 30 burpees before continuing the race.  After having to do 60 burpees last year (spear toss and rope climb) I was pretty happy to only have to do 30 this year; that damn spear throw has my number though!  I was really excited that I was able to complete the rope climb this time around!  

Climbing the cargo net with Andrea
Up and over the top
Taking a breather
This was the last obstacle before the rope climb
As previously mentioned the muddy course made for slower times overall.  I was definitely slower this year, finishing in 1:18:08, but I placed 387th overall, which is a significant increase from last year's event.  I was also 58th overall in my age category.  I'd like to get my overall time under an hour, so I guess that means I need to get back in the gym and train harder for next year's Spartan Sprint!

Leaping over the final obstacle!

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