Thursday, July 30, 2015

Third Camera Check

Trip Date: July 2015

I'll continue with my running series of trail camera posts.  In late July Christine, Jaryd, Sarah, and I headed back into the Ghost Valley for a short hike and to check my camera.  It had been about two months since my Second Camera Check, so I was eager to see how much action the warmer summer months had yielded.  Although the threat of rain was prevalent throughout the day, we managed to stay dry and have a great outing.  Here's what was captured this go 'round...

Grizzly Bear
This is the best photo of a Cougar that I've gotten so far
A pair of White-Tailed Deer
I had suspected that I captured a Bobcat last time I checked, but now it's confirmed!
This was the first time I captured Elk on camera
Another great shot of a Bobcat
Aside from the Elk, Mule Deer and a Canada Goose were also first time captures for me.  To see all of the best shots please visit my Facebook photo album titled, Wildlife Camera.  

On the way back to the truck, Rome decided to lay down in a grassy meadow that contained a few wildflowers.  She looked pretty excited to be outside and I couldn't resist snapping a few photos of her in her element!

Resting in a grassy meadow
Just before reaching the car we startled a group of Ruffed Grouse.  They quickly scattered throughout the forest, but one fluttered up to this branch and sat there until we got closer before disappearing into the woods.

Ruffed Grouse perched on a branch
Stay tuned for my next camera update, which will likely be posted in early fall.

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