Monday, December 14, 2015

Back in Business!

Trip Date: December 2015

If you've been following my blog for awhile you'll know that I had a remote wildlife camera in the Ghost Valley area since January 2015.  This past fall when I hiked in to check it I discovered that the tree had been cut down and the camera had been stolen.  You can read all the details about it right here.  I didn't want my camera project to end on such a sour note and luckily my birthday and Christmas were right around the corner.  As a birthmas present I received a brand new Moultrie trail camera and all the accessories needed to install it in a new location.  The day before we left for Cuba I headed out to the mountains to set it up.  I opted for a completely different location than my last one.  As much as I love the Ghost Valley things have gotten a bit too crazy out there lately!  Hopefully this new location will produce as many quality images as the previous one did.  If you'd like to see a collection of the best photos from my previous trail camera please visit my Facebook album titled, Wildlife Camera.  The best photos from this camera will be posted there as well, once I start checking the camera on a regular basis.

Sunrise in the mountains
All set up and ready to roll!
Hopefully this time it's a little more secure!
On my way back to the car I took a different trail and stumbled across an old cabin that was used as the Lac des Arc Rock Climbing School.  Unfortunately a Google search turned up very little in the way of the cabin's history, so I am unsure if it's still being used or not.  Nevertheless, it's still pretty cool to find an old relic tucked away in the woods with no signage indicating its whereabouts.

Lac des Arc Rock Climbing School
The cabin looks like its been here a long time
An old door leaning against the back of the cabin
This old wood burning stove can be seen outside the cabin
It's difficult to see, but these red bricks are stamped with the word "Calgary" on them
The best hiking partner a guy could ask for!
I'm hoping to get back out there in early January to see what's been captured.  Stay tuned for the latest results!

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