Monday, May 23, 2016

Trail Camera Results

Trip Date: May 2016

In early May I headed west from Calgary to check both trail cameras. I knew we'd be busy in the coming weeks and was unsure when I'd be able to check them again, so I wanted to swap batteries and memory cards and ensure their positioning was effective. I stopped at the Bow Valley camera first and was pleasantly surprised with the results so far. This was my newest Moultrie camera and hadn't been checked yet, so I was more than happy with what I captured. I thought this spot offered some good potential based on the sheer number of tracks in the area. Like my camera in the Spray Valley there were also bones from a kill scattered around and various types of scat nearby.

My new Moultrie camera locked and ready to roll!
Jaw bone from an Elk
The rest of the skeleton was scattered throughout the area
I had lots of photos of Elk and Deer on this camera
Elk at dusk
After I was finished in the Bow Valley I headed south into the Spray Valley. Again, after arriving at the camera I was pretty excited by what I saw. My fingers are crossed that this location continues to surprise me!

Who doesn't like bear bottoms?
Moose on the loose!
I was most excited to catch wolves on camera again!
In addition to Black Bears, Moose and Wolves I also captured Elk and Deer. If you'd like to see additional photos please visit my Wildlife Camera photo album on Facebook.

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