Monday, August 12, 2013

Adventures in Snowshoes

Trip Dates: January 2011 & February 2012

There is a ridge across the lake from the camp I work at that has some great views of the Ghost Valley and Devil's Gap.  Getting to the top of the ridge takes no more than an hour's walk from camp and has long been a favourite spot to take the students for afternoon getaways.  Although it can be a bit more challenging in the winter when the snow drifts can be up to your waist.  It is hit or miss every year for the amount of snow we actually get at camp.  Some years we get an incredible amount that sticks around for the entire winter, while other years we get very little.  The most common scenario, however, is we will get big dumps of snow, but the chinook winds either blow it away or melt most of it.  Camp can be a very windy place throughout the year, and it's these strong winter winds that cause the formation of very large and very deep drifts, especially along the eastern end of the lake.  When this happens we like to get out the snowshoes and have some fun!  I've been up on the ridge countless times before, but the following photos are from the two times I actually remembered to pack a camera.  

A beautiful sunny day to be outside.  This is our frozen lake with Orient Point and Phantom Cragg peaking above the trees.  Our destination is the ridge-line directly below the sun.
Sleeping Mole, Devil's Head, and Black Rock Mountain overlooking our little snow-covered lake
Rome the snow dog!
She looks cold and miserable, but she was actually have the time of her life!
Black Rock's snow-capped summit as viewed from the trail to the ridge
The summit of the ridge gives you a nice view of the Ghost Valley beyond
As you can see, parts of the ridge have been scoured by strong winds making it almost free of snow!
Just another day at the office in 2012!
Like I mentioned before, I had been up to the ridge numerous times, but I had never noticed these two memorial plaques before.  R.I.P. to David Hicknell and Wayne Reid.
The best part about the climb up to the ridge in winter is that you get to slide back down!
This hill has earned the nickname "The Chain of Pain" due to the large rocks hidden just below the snow!
Jeff on his Crazy Carpet!

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