Friday, August 30, 2013

Zombie Survivor

Event Date: July 2013

Zombies are all the rage lately thanks in part to TV shows like The Walking Dead and recent blockbusters like World War Z.  Being fans of the genre, Rob and I decided to test our luck in the Calgary area's first ever Zombie Survivor Race.  

Zombie Survivor is a 5km race that winds through the hills above Cochrane's Agricultural Society.  There are between 10 and 12 obstacles that you have to maneuver through, over, or around while trying to avoid the zombie hordes that are attempting to infect you.  Each runner is given a belt with three flags attached, much like in flag football.  The flags represent lives and each runner has three of them to start with.  The zombies that are scattered throughout the course will attempt to snatch your lives away from you.  Most of the zombies are the slow, ambling type you are probably picturing in your mind, but you have to keep your eyes open for the "super zombies", as they have the ability to sprint after you!  The objet of the race is to make it to the finish line with at least one of your lives still intact.  

Rob and I were a team of two against hundreds of zombies on a hot and sunny Saturday afternoon in July.  While waiting for our heat to begin, we sat in the stands near the finish line and watched as the runners attempted to evade the zombies that seemed to be around every corner.  We knew we had our work cut out for us if we hoped to make it to the end alive.

This was far from your typical 5km race.  The course was littered with obstacles, zombies, and thankfully, safe zones, where runners were able to grab a drink of water and not have to worry about being preyed upon by the living dead.  Rob and I stuck together throughout the race, helping each other when needed.  It was a great strategy that worked for most of the day.

Quarantine: Zombie Outbreak
Zombie Survivor Race.  That's me on the left in the bright yellow shirt attempting to avoid the walking dead!
Warning: Zombie Feeding Area!
Nearing the end of the race.  Rob (in red T-shirt) lost his last life just as he entered the corral, but I still had two left.
Rob wass playing the role of lead blocker for me to try and get me to the end alive
Crossing the finish line with one life left.  I survived!
Rob crossing the finish line.  Unfortunately he ended up getting infected!
I was lucky enough to survive the zombie apocalypse, but I lost Rob in the process.  We had so much fun that we've already decided to run the race again next year.  Maybe I won't be so lucky when I encounter the zombie hordes again.  Only time will tell.....

Rob and I enjoying a BEvERage after the race.  Notice how my shirt is ripped?  A zombie got a little aggressive trying to get one of my lives!

*Some of the above photos are from the Zombie Survivor Facebook Page

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