Monday, August 26, 2013

Sledding in Saskatchewan

Trip Date: January 2013

After our Jamaica trip I decided to head home to Regina to see my family during the final week of my Christmas holidays.  My brother Kyle had bought a snowmobile and was eager to take it out.  I was just as excited to take it for a spin!  We first took his sled to a field just outside of town and spent the afternoon taking turns riding it around.  It was the first time I'd been on a sled in years, so it definitely took a little getting used to.  

Kyle on his new toy
At least I look like I know what I'm doing!
Kyle getting a little air under his sled!
A frozen Saskatchewan landscape
The next day we met my cousin's boyfriend Cory and his two boys out at the Regina Snowmobile Club for some more fun.  The clubhouse is located on an old abandoned farm northeast of Regina.  The area had lots of great trails to explore and enough snow to keep us busy and happy.  To make things even better Cory brought me one of his older sleds so Kyle and I could take off and enjoy the trails together!

The abandoned farmhouse
The barn
The farmyard even had an old railway tanker on it!
The clubhouse
Kyle's sled (right) and the one I was borrowing for the day (left)
If you look closely you can see a White-Tailed Deer standing in the middle of the trail at the far end.
Look at me, my clothes match my sled!!
The frost on the trees combined with the sunshine makes it look like they're glowing
Hoar frost on the branches
Standing on top of a hay bale
Kyle having some fun

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