Sunday, August 25, 2013

Goat Creek

Trip Date: August 2012

Goat Creek Trail is a multi-use trail that runs between the towns of Canmore and Banff.  It follows Goat Creek and is located on the southwest side of Mt. Rundle in Spray Valley Provincial Park.  It is a very popular trail and is considered easy when ridden from Canmore to Banff because the trail is mostly downhill in that direction.  The trail itself is approximately 19km in length, but only gains about 150m in elevation.  The trailhead is at the Goat Creek Day-Use Area, which is about 112km from Calgary along the Smith Dorrien Spray Trail south of Canmore.  

Ben, Jess, Christine, and I decided to bike the Goat Creek Trail one Saturday in August.  We planned to stop for a bite to eat in Banff and then return to Canmore via the Banff Legacy Trail, which is a 17km paved trail that runs parallel to the Trans-Canada Highway.  The Goat Creek Trail is quite scenic and a great introduction to mountain biking, so I would recommend it.  I did not enjoy the Banff Legacy Trail very much, however.  Riding beside the highway is loud, smelly, and a bit frightening due to the speed at which people fly past you.  To make matters worse, when we biked it, the trail wasn't complete and we found ourselves biking on the shoulder of the highway from Banff Park's east gates to the town of Canmore.  The trail itself is great and it makes a lot of sense, I just didn't really enjoy it.  I might try the Rundel Riverside Trail if I do this ride again.  Anyway, here a few pictures from our afternoon ride.

The Goat Creek Trail
Christine on one of the many bridge crossings
Jess and Ben
Ben on one of the downhill sections
Stopping for a quick snack and some water
Ben checking out Goat Creek
Enjoying lunch at Wild Bill's in Banff
Christine and I took Sarah and Jeff on the Goat Creek Trail in the fall of 2015, which you can read about right here.

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