Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Camera - First Check

Trip Date: January 2016

In late January Rome and I hiked out to my new trail camera to change the batteries and check to see what had been captured.  You'll remember that I set up this new camera in a different location after my previous camera was stolen (read the full story right here).  It was a chilly morning when we started, but we were quite comfortable once we were moving.  The hike to the camera was uneventful and I couldn't help but notice how much snow had melted since I was previously there.  

After approximately one month I had some pretty decent results, but not the wide variety of species I had been hoping for.  Coyotes, Cougars, and Snowshoe Hares were the only wild critters to stroll past my camera.  Unfortunately I had a lot of human traffic, which was quite discouraging considering what happened the last time.  

A large Cougar strolling past the camera
It's difficult to tell if this is the same Cougar as the above photo or a different cat all together
A curious Coyote sniffing around
Snowshoe Hare
Another Coyote making his midnight rounds!
I also noticed that most of the daytime photos were quite dark and underexposed (i.e. the top Cougar photo above).  Between the underexposed photos and the immense human presence I decided to pack up my camera and relocate it.  

I contacted Moultrie's customer service regarding the underexposed photos and they recommended I send my camera to them for analysis and testing, which I did.  I haven't received my camera back just yet, but am hoping to get it shortly.  I've got another location in mind, which will hopefully have a lot less human traffic and a lot more wild animals.

Stay tuned for the next phase in my trail camera project!

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