Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bearberry Recreation Area

Trip Date: August 2007

I am including this camping trip solely because of the neat abandoned farmyard I found while we were there.  This was a camping trip with some old buddies from high school.  They were heading to the Bearberry Recreation area, which is approximately 15-20km west of the town of Bearberry along the Forestry Truck Road (Highway 734).  Bearberry is about 145km northwest of Calgary along highway 584.  The area has a campground, but I think it's primarily used as a staging area for ATV's and dirt bikes.  Anyway, I'll keep this post short so you can check out the pictures.  

Bench swing
Me and Chris
Chris crossing the James River to get to the farm
Abandoned farmyard
The farmhouse
As viewed from the front
The barn
The farmyard
The James River flowed directly behind the farm 

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