Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Johnston Canyon & Inkpots

Trip Date: May 2009

For today's outing we are heading to Johnston Canyon and the Inkpots.  The trail through Johnston Canyon leads to two beautiful waterfalls and might be the most popular trail in Banff National Park!  Ease of access is the most likely reason for its popularity, as well as the picturesque waterfalls.  The trailhead is approximately 150km west of Calgary along the Bow Valley Parkway (Highway 1A).  The trail winds through the canyon on a series of cat walks that are anchored to the canyon walls.  The trail to the Inkpots is about 11.5km round-trip with an elevation gain of 210m.  It's only 1.1km to the Lower Falls and 2.7km total to the Upper Falls.  

Christine and a friendly bear
The cat walk through the canyon
The Lower Falls
Christine and I
The Lower Falls are 10m high
Looking way down off the cat walk
There was still some ice and snow on the canyon walls
The Upper Falls
The Upper Falls are just over 30m tall
The Inkpots are a cluster of 5 green-blue pools of water.  Spring water percolates up through the sand and gravel forming these pools.  The milky-green pools fill slower, and thus have a heavier suspension of fine materials than the clear, deep-blue ones.  Due to the underground springs shallow depth, the water temperature is kept at about 4°C most of the year.  

The Inkpots in Johnston Valley
Mount Ishbel
Perfect spot to stop for lunch
Mt. Ishbel and the Inkpots
This Raven was scavenging for food and found somebody's carelessly tossed apple core
He must be doing well for himself as he was enormous!
Christine and the Inkpots in Johnston Valley

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