Thursday, July 25, 2013

Livingstone Falls

Trip Date: June 2008

If you're looking for a quiet, out of the way, campground, than Livingstone Falls Provincial Recreation Area is just the place.  This campground is located about 145km southwest of Calgary along Highway 40.  The last 42km are along a bumpy, gravel road that travels south from the paved Highway 40, which runs through Kananaskis Country.  The campground is situated along the Livingstone River and the namesake falls are within walking distance from your camp site.  

Our camp site at Livingstone Falls
Livingstone River
The river runs along a smooth rock face
Livingstone Falls
American Dippers nesting on cliffs beside the river
A smaller waterfall nearby
Standing on a creaky bridge that crosses the river
A large canine print in the soil.  There weren't any dogs around so we are assuming it was a Wolf or Coyote
Chris and I with the falls

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