Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hoodoo Hall

Trip Date: May 2005

This is another trip that I did with work and it's a favorite as it is basically in our own backyard.  Hoodoo Hall is a beautiful canyon located in Banff National Park near the east end of Lake Minnewanka.  The trailhead is located in Devil's Gap, which is in the Ghost Public Land Use Zone (PLUZ) and is roughly 110km northwest of Calgary along the TransAlta road.  The road into Devil's Gap and the Ghost Valley requires a four-wheel drive vehicle with some clearance as this "road" is filled with large potholes and is extremely rough.  It is only about a 17km drive into the valley, but this will take you approximately 45 minutes!  I apologize, but I don't recall exactly how long this hike is or how much elevation is gained.  Even a quick Google search turned up very little information about this trail.  

Phantom Cragg standing guard over Devil's Gap
An eerie, cloudy day is perfect for hiking in the Ghost area
The Hoodoo Hall canyon
Looking back down the trail
Parts of the trail were still covered in a think layer of ice
The canyon's namesake icons
Cascading Green Angel Falls is still mostly frozen
I guess I felt as though I needed a cool down before hiking back to the vehicles!
To see more of Hoodoo Hall please visit this post.

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